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Hi, my name is Jessica Simonian and I am a certified Holistic Life coach and Nutrition planner through the C.H.E.K Institute. I entered into this profession because since my early twenties I began suffering with one ailment after the other until I was plagued by a total of over 20 different health issues both physical and mental. Like most of us I had many surgeries and went to several different doctors who put me on a smorgasbord of medications and antibiotics. The symptoms and ailments however never improved and my body just became sicker and weaker due to poor diet and the stress of everyday life. Disorders that can be […]

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

As a Holistic Life Coach I can teach you methods to help you deal with everyday life struggles as well as help you overcome emotional issues that are keeping you from having a happy fulfilling life. I will work with you one on one to help you fully understand the mind body connection. What is a “Lifestyle Coach”?• Life coaches are teachers, mentors and healers that use their skills to lead patients down a fulfilling and positive path of self discovery, healing, productivity and self fulfillment. Life coaches help patients achieve inner peace so that their outer worlds can become a more bearable and happy place to live in. A […]

Metabolic Typing

Metabolic Typing was discovered by William Walcott . It was also featured on the Dr. OZ show. Metabolic typing can figure out the right diet for you. It can help determine the correct proportion of protein to carbs to help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels & regulate your hormonal system. Therefore allowing your body to work at optimal performance. Your Metabolic Type Diet Can Assist You in the Following Areas Free Yourself From Food Cravings Achieve and Maintain Your Ideal Weight Without Starvation Increase in Health, Vitality and Energy Prevent and Reverse Disease Assist Hormonal Balance Lessen Your Bodies’ Physiological Load